Why do we defend life?

Why should we cherish and defend life?  As Christians we have a solid foundation for why we believe life is valuable.  Godless pro-lifers have to presuppose human rights and dignity.  They may have a moral framework, but it isn’t grounded in anything.  But as believers, the foremost reason that we cherish and defend life is that God does.  He calls us to be as He is.  “The pro-life movement and the Christian faith are synonymous.  Where there is one, there will be the other – for one cannot be had without the other.”*  God is the author and sustainer of life, and on human life God has placed His image, making it intrinsically valuable.  It was in response to His creation of man and woman that God said, “It is very good.”  Abortion, like other forms of homicide, is stealing God’s glory by destroying what He has created.

*George Grant, from Third Time Around: The History of the Pro-Life Movement from the First Century to the Present

A lot of the thoughts from this post(and future ones) are coming from Answering the Call: Saving Innocent Lives, One Woman at a Time by John Ensor.  I highly recommend it.


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