Trot out the Toddler

If you are discussing your pro-life position with an abortion advocate, you will likely be challenged with all the hard case scenarios.  When you are faced with the scenarios having to do with rape, incest, disability, child abuse, etc, Scott Klusendorf suggests simplifying the issue by asking the question “Would this particular justification for abortion also work as a justification for killing a toddler?”  (He calls this strategy Trot Out the Toddler.)  The point of this strategy is to demand that the question “what is the unborn” be answered before trying to address the question “can we kill the unborn.”  After you trot out the toddler, you can use the acronym SLED that you learned about last week to help defend your conviction that the unborn are persons deserving all the rights that come from personhood.

(This will all sound very familiar if you’ve read Scott Klusendorf’s book The Case for Life or perhaps seen him somewhere on youtube, such as here or here.)


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