Some links and information about the upcoming Sanctity of Human Life week at Wheaton

Preparations and details relating to the observation of Sanctity of Human Life week have kept me busy of late, so today I just want to share with you some articles and blog posts that are well worth reading.

Since abortion was legalized in the US in 1973, there have been more than 50,000,000 abortions performed here.  Last year on his blog, Justin Taylor provided some visual aids to help you comprehend that number.

Choosing Thomas – here is an article about a couple who chose not to abort their son who had Trisomy 13, an error in DNA sequencing that meant that he would only live for days, or perhaps weeks, after birth.  The video made about them is very powerful.  Watch it.

The one child policy is having disastrous results for China.  Sex selection abortion have meant that in some rural areas, there are as many as 130 men per 100 women.  Since the one child policy was adopted in 1979, there have been 400 million abortions in China.  Perhaps that number is hard for you to wrap your head around?  That’s a larger number of people than the population of the entire United States of America.  Almost 100,000,000 more.

Why Are We Striving To Make Abortion Unthinkable? John Ensor writes a thoughtful guest post for Tim Challies.  “Abortion is our postmodern version of child sacrifice for the Me Generation. As such, it is an incomprehensible and unthinkable evil.”  Read the rest of it.

Coming up this week:

1)  Look for a table in the lower Beamer Center Wednesday through Friday with information and brochures, etc.
2)  Come discuss the attached article,  “When Good Men Do Nothing: Reflections From a Modern-Day Bürgermeister” in the Parmelee Room (across from the fishbowl), on Wednesday evening from 7-8.
3)  Pray in the fireside room on Thursday.  There will be prayer “prompts” provided.
4)  Friday is the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  I invite you to fast and pray.  Consider wearing all black and displaying the number 50,000,000 somewhere.  Throughout the week there will be white sticky address labels with 50,000,000 printed on them available at the table in the Beamer Center.


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