More good links.

Sanctity of Human Life week always brings a whole host of good posts in the Christian blogosphere.  I haven’t read everything yet, but I’m passing on these links in good faith:

March for Life 2010 – pictures of pro-lifers in Washington D.C. this past Friday.

Overturning and Undermining Roe v. Wade: An Interview with Clark Forsythe – I found this a very interesting and informative post.  I encourage you to check it out.

Accusing and Excusing for 37 Years is a list of many states’ fetal homicide laws – a sobering reminder of the inconsistency of our nation’s laws regarding the unborn.

Mugged by Ultrasound – an article on why so many abortion workers have turned pro-life

Probably the Most Abortion Targeted Neighborhood in America – “There are so many abortion clinics here that people stand here often times and hand out ten percent discount coupons if they’ll come into their abortion clinic rather than another one.”  Please watch this short video on abortion targeted inner city Los Angeles and Heartbeat International’s initiative to start a pregnancy help clinic on the same street as four abortion clinics.

And I posted the short talk that Esther and I gave in chapel in October, and the short speech from this past Friday on the blog here.


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    […] is also a new post on the blog with links to various pro-life articles and short videos that I came upon this last […]

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