An Amusing Paradox

Hi VFLers,

A contact at CareNet is wondering if you VFLers would be interested in giving out client cards for CareNet which describe their services along with their website url.  The idea is to carry a few cards with you when you go off-campus and then leave one or two on a table or bulletin board.  Please email me (include your cpo) if you are interested, so I can get the cards and distribution info to you.

And now here’s a paragraph from Scott Klusendorf’s book:

Secular liberals insist that abortion is a fundamental human right upon which the state should not infridge.  In reply, I once again ask, where did that right to an abortion come from?  In other words, is it a natural right that springs from our nature as human beings, or is it a positive (legal) right granted by government?  If the latter, the abortion-choice advocate cannot really complain that she is wronged if the estate does not permit her to abort.  As stated above, the same government that grants rights can take them away.  On the other hand, if the right to an abortion is a natural right – a right one has in virtue of being human – then the abortion-choice advocate had that right from the moment she came to be, that is, from conception!  Thus, we are left with this amusing paradox: According to the logic of many abortion-choice advocates, unborn women do not have the right to life but they do have a right to an abortion!  Absurd!  In short, secular liberals have difficulty telling us where rights come from or why anyone should have them.  As Hadley Arkes points out, they have talked themselves out of the very natural rights upon which their own freedoms are built.

The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture, Scott Klusendorf.  p. 63.


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