Objective Truth

Have you ever seen the “Against abortion?  Then don’t have one.” bumper stickers?

I find those bumper stickers and similar statements a bit maddening.  They make it clear that that abortion supporter has not taken the time to understand the pro-life position.  In Scott Klusendorf’s words, “When pro-life advocates claim that elective abortion unjustly takes the life of a defenseless human being, they are not saying they dislike abortion.  They are saying it’s objectively wrong, regardless of how one feels about it” (91).

Those who claim that one can be personally opposed to abortion but shouldn’t force that view on someone else, are acting as if the statement that abortion is wrong is a subjective truth.  A subjective truths are personal in nature.  I say, “It’s better to lose an hour of sleep and enjoy Daylight Savings Time than not have it.”  This truth applies to me, but it might not for you.  And that’s okay.  It’s a subjective truth.

On the other hand, are objective truths.  Objective truths are ones that correspond to reality.  I say, “Daylight Savings Time started this year in the USA on March 14, and in the Czech Republic on March 28.”  You might not have known this is the case, and you might not care, but it is still true.

The claim that abortion is morally wrong is not a statement of preference, it is an objective truth claim.  Let no one mistake that.


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